Cancellation and Payment Policies

Angel's Paws Pet Care Services accepts many different ways to make a payment.     Payment is due prior to the end of every week usually Sundays is scheduling services day.  Past due balances will incur a late charge of $20 will continue to be accrued monthly until the balance is paid in full.

Cancellation policies for non holiday services

Dog Walking: We understand that plans can change.  We don’t charge for cancellations with adequate notice, 10 pm the evening prior to needed services.  However, cancellations made after 10pm the night before the visit will be charged full price of the visit.  

Overnight Services we are limited in the amount of overnights that can be scheduled and when this service is booked,  as we may turn down other overnight requests.  Clients will be required to pay a 50% deposit within 7 days of booking to guarantee service.   The remaining balance must be paid prior to the first date of service.  

There will be a full refund of deposit if overnight visits are cancelled with 2-week notice.  However, if the overnight services are cancelled with less than14 days notice, the deposit will be unrefundable .  Services cancelled due to early returns will not be refunded.

Payment and Cancellation Policies for Holiday Services

Holiday Overnight Services and Pet Sitting Visits:  Clients will be asked to pay in full within 3 days of booking all services in order to guarantee holiday service.  Angel's Paws Pet Care Services is limited in the amount of overnights and pet sitting services that can be scheduled and when  booked, APPCS may turn down other  requests.  
Cancellations within 6-weeks will receive a 100% refund.  There will be a 50% refund of deposit if services are cancelled with 3-week notice. If cancellation occurs with less than 3-week notice, there is no refund of the deposit.  For early returns, no refunds or credits will be issued.  
Holiday surcharges for pet sitting visits and overnight pet sitting will apply for all services.
Holidays include:  New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend,  Independence Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas/Winter Holiday Season
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