Why is Exercise important for dogs

We often think of exercise only as a health issue, but it has significant day-to-day effects on a dog’s behaviour as well. Dogs—particularly puppies and young dogs—have a lot of energy, and if they don’t get the chance to burn it off, destructive behaviour is often the result.

If you’re annoyed at the holes your dog has dug, have headaches from barking, and have to replace pillows shredded into expensive fluff, your dog is probably not getting enough


These behaviour issues cause many people to give up their dogs, even though they’re completely preventable problems. You know those “free to a good home, the dog needs room to run” ads? They’re usually placed by people whose dogs don’t need room to run; they need exercise they’re not getting.

Unfortunately, some people don’t think enough about exercise when selecting a breed, and they choose a dog who needs more than they’re willing or have time to provide.

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